CARDISTRY FANNING WHITE EDITION Playing Cards Bicycle Ellusionist Theory11
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The Bocopo Playing Card Company has recently been releasing a multitude of decks, and many of them are ideal for cardists. One of these decks that is designed especially for cardistry is the Cardistry Fanning deck (White Edition)

The tuck box shows what the design of the cards is like, featuring a white background with red, black and grey on the corners and forming a star shaped design, complete with a circle in the centre. On the inside of the tuck flap are the words Welcome To Cardistry Way, which is quite nice invitational touch, and highlights the fact that as you open up the box, you are entering the world of cardistry.

The back design of the cards has black and red triangles on the top left and bottom right corners of each card, and a grey triangle on the top right and bottom left. This allows for beautiful fanning patterns depending on which way you fan the deck, as the different choices you make in fanning the cards produces different results - just like all choices in life.

While this deck is ideal for fanning and spreads, those are not the only card flourishes that this deck is good for. The back design also features a star-like design with a circle in the centre. This creates a clear point of focus on the cards, and allows for great effects when the cards are spun or twirled. As a result of these added graphical elements, these cards also look great when doing cuts.

This deck has been printed by the USPCC, and the cards handle great, like all Bicycle style decks. They fan and spread well, which is especially important for a deck that is geared towards cardistry. This is a terrific deck for all those who are interested in cardistry, whether new or experienced, because the cards will automatically help bring your card flourishes to new levels of aesthetics. With this deck in your hands, cardistry instantly becomes all the more enjoyable, due to the great artistic design. While this deck isn't suited to magicians or card games, due to the absence of indices, this quality also makes it all the more enjoyable for cardistry.