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JERRY'S NUGGET VINTAGE FEEL Playing Cards Bicycle Ellusionist Cardistry
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Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards have been masterfully printed by the Expert Playing Card Company with their amazing JN finish. This thicker card stock feels almost identical to its iconic predecessor. Combined with the same legendary back and face design, Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards are an absolute must-have for any fan of the original Jerry’s Nuggets.

Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards are available in either red or blue. Just make your selection at checkout, or get a couple of each for a complete collection. Just don’t delay, because these 1st edition playing cards are sure to sell out.

The storied past of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards...

About 50 years ago, Jerry’s Nugget Casino in Las Vegas began production on a new signature deck of cards. Despite the massive undertaking, these playing cards never saw live table use. They were instead locked away in a Las Vegas storage unit with their creators completely oblivious of the legendary path they would soon carve.

Approximately 10 years later, these playing cards were rediscovered by Lee Asher after they had resurfaced as a $2 per deck souvenir in the Jerry’s Nugget Casino gift shop. From its distinct look to its unique feel, Lee loved everything about the Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards and was sure to share that information with everyone he knew. The popularity of these collectable playing cards catapulted into the stratosphere and it wasn’t long before bricks of them were selling for $100s, and even $1000s.

By the turn of the century, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards were completely sold out. They weren’t available ANYWHERE—which made collector’s want them even more. Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards had become the most highly sought after deck of cards in history.

This, of course, led to simply outrageous prices and an influx of counterfeits from entrepreneurial scam artists. As he’s not one to sit idly by while the legacy of his favorite playing cards was besmirched, Lee collaborated with Expert Playing Card Company to pursue opportunities to reproduce these iconic playing cards—legally.

Following more than 3 years of tense licensing negotiations and an insanely popular Kickstarter campaign, legitimate Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are back—and this time you can get them in this Vintage Feel collector’s edition or the awesome new Modern Feel version which has been printed on a premium stock for everyday use by magicians and cardists alike.