Holiday Mystery Deck
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Buried within an ancient tomb... A collection of new, out-of-print, and never before seen decks.

These gift-wrapped Mystery Decks will have you feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. From the depths of our vault, we offer up a limited selection of our most treasured playing cards—it's like we were saving our finest bottle of wine for a special occasion, and the occasion is now.

Each Mystery Deck is wrapped in a luxurious Egyptian-themed print and sealed with a wax stamp so that even we don't know which decks are which. Featuring a collection of new, out of print, and rare exclusives you won't find anywhere else.

Available once a year on December 1st Art of Play is excited to bring you a curated collection of its very best playing cards. Although distribution is random, every deck is a winner with savings of up to 50%.

Art of Play’s 2020 Mystery Deck is pulled from a collection of 35 different decks of various quantities. The deck(s) you receive are completely random so we can't guarantee you will not receive duplicates. All sales on Mystery Decks are final.

When purchasing a Mystery Deck(s) you could receive any one of the following decks:

Ace Fulton's, Antler, Balance, Bruce Lee, Cabinetarium, Camp Cards, Cardistry-Con, DKNG, Drifters, Flying Dog, Fulton's October, Gold Standards, Golden Sunrise, Henry & Sally, If an Octopus could Palm, Lady Moon, Makers - Private Reserve, Messymod, Modern Time - Limited Edition Box, Off the Wall, Odd Bods, Overlook, Papercuts, Peau Doux, Plush, Seekers, Smoke x Anyone - Gilded Edition, Smokey Bear - Limited Edition Box, Sons of Liberty, Spark, Standards, Survival, Tom's Town, Zoma.

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